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We are expert facial therapists passionate about providing a research based and individually tailored facial rehabilitation programme to help our patients overcome facial palsy. We will work alongside you throughout your rehabilitation journey to maximise your recovery and achieve your personal rehabilitation goals.

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Providing the best expertise for your recovery

Welcome to the Facial Rehabilitation Centre. Our team of expert facial therapists are here to offer you rehabilitation and guidance at any stage as you overcome facial palsy.

We treat clients of all ages from all over the world either face to face, or online. We specialise in the management of all facial palsy patients from acute care through to the management and treatment of synkinesis. We also offer pre and post-surgical management.

Commencing appropriate facial rehabilitation as soon as possible following the onset of your symptoms will ensure that you have the correct knowledge and understanding of your condition and know what to do to get the best possible recovery. It does not matter how long you have had facial palsy; we can help you at any stage of recovery. We also offer botulinum toxin injections as part of a facial rehabilitation programme.

We have worked together as part of the specialist facial palsy multidisciplinary team at Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust for many years and are delighted to work together in The Facial Rehabilitation Centre. We are grateful to be able to offer timely access to expert facial therapy for everyone in need. We also offer expert help for overseas patients who may not have access to specialist services locally. Sadly NHS waiting times for specialist facial care are currently very long therefore we are happy to offer assessment and treatment for UK based patients whilst they are on the waiting list for specialist NHS services.

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Catriona Neville

Extended Scope Practitioner Facial Therapist

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Karen Young

Advanced Facial Therapist

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Tamsin Gwynn

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Benefits of early therapy

There are many benefits to starting facial therapy early. When your nerve is not working or slowly recovering, the face quickly develops incorrect movement habits. These can cause long term problems, in particular synkinesis.

Research shows that early facial therapy can minimise the risk of synkinesis and improve your facial movement from a much earlier stage of recovery.

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Who we accept referrals from

At the facial rehabilitation centre, we accept referrals from all over the UK and internationally from patient self-referrals, consultants, and GP's. We see patients who have a lower motor neuron facial nerve palsy, such as those patients diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, Ramsey hunt syndrome, or after surgical procedures to name but a few.

NHS patients

Happy to support those transferring to the NHS

We are happy to take patients who are awaiting NHS services and happy to facilitate the transition between these two services.

We can treat patients who require facial therapy and chemo denervation treatments. We have the facilities to treat patients virtually or in person when required.

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Professional testimonials

Raman Malhotra

Consultant ophthalmic and Oculoplastic Surgeon specialising in Facial Palsy

I have worked with Catriona, Tamsin and Karen many years. It is their enthusiasm, care and attention to detail that has resulted in the QVH...

Ruben Kannan

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in Facial Palsy

World-class facial rehabilitation experts

Charles Nduka

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in Facial Palsy

The team at the Facial Rehabilitation Centre collectively provide the most experienced, evidenced-based, holistic management of facial...

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Andi Heaton

Advanced Psychological Therapist specialising in Facial Palsy

I have worked alongside Trina, Tamsin and Karen for many years both in the NHS and the private sector. I work as a psychotherapist looking...