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What to expect

What to expect when you work with us

Having contacted us, you will be sent an initial intake form, and some assessment forms to complete and return.

Initial assessments are carried out via Zoom or Microsoft Teams – your therapist will send you a link before your appointment.

Facial therapy requires an in-depth assessment of facial movement and muscle length. We will educate you on what is happening and why, so that you can increase your understanding of your condition and learn how to manage it most effectively.

Please allow up to 2 hours for your initial session as this gives your therapist sufficient time to do a thorough assessment, discuss and teach you your home management plan.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

Please ensure that you are in a well-lit room with your hair away from your face

You will be asked to place your hands inside your mouth to assess your muscle length, so please clean your hands, or have some gloves available.

It can be helpful for us to see a photograph of you prior to your facial palsy, so please feel free to share that with us if you wish.

Have a pen and paper available to take notes

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What will happen during my first appointment?

- At the beginning of your assessment, we will clarify your medical history and ask you to explain how your facial palsy started, how long it has been going on, what therapy you have had already (if any) and what your main concerns and difficulties are. Your consent to documenting this information and proceeding with your assessment will be checked by your therapist.

- We will then assess your facial movement and take screenshots or photographs as a baseline assessment. You will be asked to consent to your photographs being taken as these are very useful when monitoring your progress. These are stored as part of your medical record, in accordance with our GDPR policy.

- Your therapist will then guide you through a systematic assessment of your facial muscle length and function. They may teach you appropriate muscle release techniques and stretches. They may also cover relaxation techniques and movement retraining work with you, depending on your presentation.

- We would encourage you to take notes during your session as information written in your own words, can be easiest for you to remember. Your therapist will also email you a bespoke home management plan for you to adhere to in between sessions

- A lot of information is covered during your initial 2-hour session, and your home management plan is key to your progress over time.

- We do not need to see you that frequently – usually monthly initially, and then less frequently going forwards. We can of course see you more frequently if you require more support.

- Your therapist will help you to set short and long term goals for your rehabilitation.

We have established links with expert plastic surgeons and corneoplastic surgeons who specialise in facial palsy and can refer you onto see them as required. We can also link you in with specialist psychological therapists if needed, or specialist NHS services if you are based in the UK.

What will my therapist expect of me throughout my facial rehabilitation?

- Your facial therapy will be done daily, by you, at home. Your therapist will outline how frequently your stretches, soft tissue mobilisation, movement retraining work, or facial relaxation sessions should be completed.

- We will ensure that your programme is tailored to your specific requirements and take into account your current work – life balance / personal commitments.

- You will get the best results if you follow the advice given by your therapist. - Please let us know if any aspect of your home programme is too challenging, causes you discomfort, or is difficult to follow, and we will adapt that to the best of our ability.